No need to wait to hear DJ Thera’s new track… It’s now online! Wait For You is an instant hit!

The track begins with a piano melody in the background, and vocals up top. The lyrics can likely be interpreted in a few different ways, and can refer to missing someone, or perhaps some thing… Like events and festivals! The track then slowly ramps up, with the melody coming up top, giving us a taste of what’s to come. The vocals accompany us once more just before the track drops, coming in with its strong bass and punchy kicks. The melody and the vocals provide a contrast to the heavier elements in the track, making it very complete. After a short break to give some room to breathe, the track progresses with another banging part.

Despite being heavy, this track is well packed with lots of feels! The lyrics will certainly put you in the mood and there’s no way you won’t have anything in particular in your mind when listening to it… This is exactly what good music does to you – it makes you feel, and this is something DJ Thera is very, very good at, as we all know well!

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