Latest track taking over the airwaves is from the duo Divinez, and it’s a ‘straight to the dancefloor’ kind of track named Party Girl!

The track begins with the vocals that will guide us through it. They’re very well manipulated, with echoey effects and pitch changes, something showcased throughout the track. The mid intro is extremely punchy, with those kicks that you really feel in your stomach when you turn up the volume. The break features a breakbeat with the vocals pitching down as we progress. The melody then shines through, taking over the airwaves, with a tad bit of bass backing it up. The vocals contribute to the build up, with the track climaxing straight away. The melody joins the heavy kicks to bring us the whole package. The bass here is round and sits very nicely down on the bottom. The break that follows gives everyone some time to breathe, with the ticking clock in the background being a nice element that fills things up. We then go through an anti climatic section that winds down the energy towards the end.

Divinez is a name that’s slowly coming up in Hardstyle. They’ve called the attention of the scene after releasing os renowned labels such as End of Line, Upcoming and Derailed. They’ve now been picked up by Prospexx, the Scantraxx division that in charge of new and upcoming names. With tracks like these, they’ve certainly proved us that they’ve got what it takes to make a bang!

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