T78 just released a massive banger through his usual label, Autektone, and we can tell you this is a tasty one… Nezquik will surely be a snack that you’ll enjoy a lot!

Starting right out of the gate with a punchy, deep kick and an engulfing bassline, the track progresses adding the snares on the top, and a few other elements that sit like the cherry on the top of the cake. The repetitive and addicting rap-like vocals shine in the break and contribute to the build up. The track raises in intensity quickly, and no time is spared as we climb towards the climax. The rave bass really shines through in this part of the track giving an immense energy and a dark atmosphere, making the listener think he’s on a club late at night raving away. Another great detail of this track is on the second climax where there’s a part with chopped echoey vocals that suits the overall mood very well. The melodies heard are simple, but catchy.

Manuel is putting a really big effort is his T78 alias and this shines through. After many, many years being at the top of his game in the Hardstyle scene, he’s now showing he has the same skill and class, putting out pure quality Techno. Definitely a name you’ll want to keep an eye on!

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