Last year, the music industry had to make some adaptations so we could keep on enjoying the best of it from afar. But that was last year, although we can’t put it behind our backs, we must learn from this atypical year.

The industry adapted, where the living rooms, kitchens, porches, and backyards being both your dancefloor and the DJ’s and producers “booth”. And you made it all seem like we were on a live gig. Therefore, a big thank you is in order for keeping the spirit alive.

That being said, the matter that brings us here is the new album by Grimes, “Miss Anthropocene (Rave Edition)“, which came out on 4AD label during NYE!

Filled up with amazing and electrifying tunes from the most renowned DJ’s and Producers, this album compiles smooth vocals with vibrant melodies (the remix of Violence by Rezz), deep and bassier tunes and some mad acid tunes (Darkseid from Richie Hawtin).

Both Grimes and Rezz gave a huge shout to the track Violence, which was made by i_o (Garrett Falls Lockhart) and herself and remixed by Rezz for this album. Most of all because it is a reminder of the art and legacy i_o left on this world, sadly after passing away last year.

But we are here not to talk about less fortunate events. This is a reminder that we all must keep on striving on what good there is around us, and do the most with our habilities to make all that we were used to become a reality, leaving progressively our made up dancefloors and booths safely, always keeping in mind the world wide health organizations recommendations.

So crank it up on the monitors, on the TV or whatever device you use. Dance, have fun, make the most of it ’till we can all rejoin together in live events as before.

Happy new year! Stay safe! And keep striving for a better tomorrow where we’ll be surrounded by what makes this an amazing universe, music and all us.

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