Nearly one month after the release of the French producer Remcord on Adriatique label Siamese with ‘FMCD’, he’s now back on his own label with a new EP called ‘Resinous Head EP’.

Remcord label REBA, in the last months, has provided to us a lot of amazing tracks with stunning trips alongside. This time, it’s a beginning of a new era on the label with the first EP of REBA ALT, which means “Who presents or proposes an alternative, a choice between two solutions”, where Remcord explores a new variant of tracks but always with the presence of melodic techno.

Resinous Head‘ is a three-track EP. The first track it’s called ‘Resinous Head‘ and it’s the main track of the EP, an amazing trip with catchy strings alongside. This track was premiered by Tale of Us a while ago.

Tale of Us playing ‘ Resinous Head ‘

After that we have ‘Virgin Paper‘ and ‘Opening Room‘, those two are more into melodic techno and we can clearly see the presence of the artist itself on the tracks, they are a truly remarkable tracks by Remcord and they lead the genre into another level. Tale of Us had premiered ‘Virgin Paper‘ as well, which proves the quality of those tracks.

Tale of Us playing ‘Virgin Paper’

To summarise, ‘Resinous Head‘ is the representation of what Remcord and his label has to show to the world, a whole new trip in the melodic techno scene. In a small chat with the prodocuer we can see what led to this EP.

REBA ALT 01 is composed of 3 pieces that alternate between percussive sounds and haunting atmospheres.

For the release of this new EP we have naturally chosen an alternative, it will be available only on Bandcamp.

As usual, a lot of love and a bit of grass went into the making of this EP.

4.20 lovers, Rémi

If you enjoy this EP as much as we did make sure to purcahse it on Bandcamp.

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