We had the unique opportunity to interview one of the most prestigious duo in electronic music! Third Party took some time to answer what we had in mind, and we’re sure you’re curious about it as well…

[WF] Wide Future: Hello, Harry and Jonnie! Before we start, I would like to thank you for this opportunity. We already talked a few times in the past, in Portugal and in Amsterdam but it’s still a pleasure and an honor to have a chat with both of you. It has been 1 year since we saw you at RFM SOMNII where you played your live show called LIIIVE! Since then the launch of the banger “Take Me Away” and now recently the brand-new music “We Found Love” with GVN and the Errol Reid.
Let’s start talking how it was the creative process of this tune. How did you manage to find the perfect melody with GVN and match it with the sweet voice of Errol Reid? 

[TP] Third Party: GVN sent us a demo which we loved, we took the chords and basically wrote a whole new song around it. We found some samples and decided that it would be amazing if we could somehow get Errol Reid to sing them for us, luckily for us he loved the track and wanted to be a part of it which was amazing! It was a super easy process and was super smooth working with both GVN and Errol, we’re so happy how the track came out!

[WF]: It has been 8 months without live shows, did you enjoy this “break” to focus on producing new tracks or finish some ID’s? 

[TP] Third Party: It was tough, when you don’t have any goals/ambitions it is very easy to lose focus. We tried our best to come up with different goals than the ones we had pre COVID19 and work towards achieving them, it really helped a lot. The biggest cancelation that hurt was our LIIIVE show at Liverpool, we always look forward to that one so we were super upset when we realised it wasn’t going to happen!

[WF]: Your first album “Hope” was a success and the second album “Together” exceed all the expectations of the fans. For us it was clear like water the difference between the two albums in your production style. What can we expect for a third album? Any collab with other producers? 

[TP] Third Party: Thank you! Well all we can say is that we’ve been putting many many days in the studio and that you should expect the unexpected in 2021! We can’t say a lot more than that at the moment but we are very excited to show you what we have been working on!

[WF]: And what about your label Release Records? Any releases from new producers in the next months? 

[TP] Third Party: Yes! We have just released an amazing track called Fire by Walden, he also has one more coming out in a couple of months. Then we have a few more by the likes of Pete K, VY-DA and Sem Vox that we are really excited about!

[WF]: Talking about new producers… Over the years we have seen a constant bet on Portuguese producers on your label like Pete K, Francisco Cunha and Stevie Krash. Is there any special reason for the constant bet? 

[TP] Third Party: Haha it must be something in the water, there’s been fantastic producers coming from Portugal recently. We also seem to have amazing fans from Portugal, so we believe they have very good taste! Lol 

[WF]: Do you believe that in the next year we will be able to go to live shows again? If yes, what do you think it is going to change? 

[TP] Third Party: It’s hard to guess, there are so many things that need to align before any of this can happen but our fingers are crossed. For now we just concentrate in the studio and focus on what we can do.

[WF]: If everything goes well what can we expect from you for the next LIIIVE show?

[TP] Third Party: Lotsssssss of new music!

[WF]: If you could go back in time and choose one show you hadn’t the opportunity to see what would it be and why? 

[TP] Third Party: Daft Punk at Coachella, it was the beginning of the big electronic boom, they are always going to be the ultimate legends in dance music so we would give anything to see them live once!

[WF]: In difficult times like these where we are fighting a pandemic and various socials problems like racism it is very important that we stay together. What is your advice to your fans around the world? 

[TP] Third Party: Stay true to yourself, try to work out your own thoughts and not to listen to the media/news too much. As long as you always try to find out the truth you can’t go far wrong in the long run!

[WF]: Thank you so much for this interview. We wish you the best with your career and we hope to see you very soon in some festival or club.

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