Jay Reeve has been impressing the Hardstyle scene release after release, and this is yet another banger!

The track starts off with a well known vocal sample, and a bouncy mid intro that can get any crowd moving. The cheeky vocal sample of a scream that appears as we progress contribute to the funky vibe of the track. The break is focused on vocals and the immense melody that erupts through the speakers as we continue. The climax is hard, but not too heavy, giving this track a summer twist. The melody is simply, but addicting. It works well for this track and contributes to the overall mood. The second climax has a nice melody variation, making the track quite interesting

This one is the sort of track that puts a smile in the crowd’s face on a festival, its aim is to make you feel exactly like it’s title says: good, very good!

This is also the artist’s first release on Dirty Workz. After being long rumored to join Art of Creation, it seems the artist has, after all, found a home at Dirty Workz (an amazing home) and we hope to hear a lot from him in the short term!

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