Almost four months after the stunning release of the already well-known Serbian producer Coeus on Afterlife, he’s now back alongside with Alfa Romero on Oddity Recordings with ‘Echoes‘.

This four-track EP has 3 singles and a remix from Alfa Romero, and it’s called ‘Echoes’ EP (ODT 017). This label created by the duo Fur Coat has released a lot of epic tracks from Remcord, Dyzen, Losless, David Lindmer and many more.

The first track of ‘Echoes’ it’s the one that gives the name to the EP itself. A very dancing/melodic song already premiered live by Coeus itself. After that we have ‘Hyper’ a darker song that turns the focus into heavy drums.

For this last track we have as well the remix from the Italian duo Alfa Romero. Already known by their sounds with beautiful strings and chilling melodies as they presented to us in their last release on Afterlife, this time the Italian duo didn’t disappoint as well with this masterpiece!

To finish this wonderful EP with the cherry on the top of the cake we have ‘Eunoia’, a song out of box with lots of instrumentals as well as a very soft melody in the background.

And well, this was ‘Echoes’ EP! If you enjoy this EP as much as we did make sure to purchase it here!

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