The Brazilian duo Cat Dealers wreak chaos with yet another great production, this time remixing the original Dubvision theme “Stand By You“.

Sometimes we speak only of Europe as the real showcase of talent in DJ’ing, but we must not forget that the American continent is full of great talents too! Proof of this is what the Brazilian duo Cat Dealers decided to give us: the remix of “Stand By You” (from Dubvision).

In this remix the Brazilian duo wanted to leave their mark, also keeping part of the original music but giving that touch that distinguishes them and makes them unique! An incredible vibe, a contagious energy and a great remix that will certainly make a statement and that ends a year, despite being troubled, that was very positive for this duo that has been increasingly influential in electronic music.

A very busy year on the part of Cat Dealers and they promise a year of 2021 with much more to come and with many new tracks! Still with a recent start to their career, this duo shows all their potential and it is in remixes that they have also been gaining their space, not forgetting productions like “Your Body (remix)” or “Sunshine” that gave the necessary boost to achieve more and better, and go on stage at the biggest festivals in the world.

Listen below the new remix of Cat Dealers:

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