During this atypical year we miss a lot of things related to music, especially to this genre and in a way, even if you didn’t notice it, it changed the way of people think about almost everything. The motto of ‘A Magic World’ is exactly this one “In Memory of The World We Lost”, here it is: AL046.

With all these changes in the world, even the artists, as normal people, felt the need to change their point of view and opinion regarding many things, especially their perspective about music because we can say very clearly that the artists were among those who suffered most from the pandemic. And so ‘A Magic World’ represents this whole change, a different approach from the duo KAS:ST and even the label, that sums the whole year. A mixing of emotions, a mixing of almost every single genre, a mixing of melancholy and euphoria.

The LP is composed by fifteen tracks, so I’ll just mention some of them to summarise the LP. We can start with ‘VTOPIA’, a mixing of elation and sadness.

Following this wave of sadness, but now in a more melancholic way, we have ‘Mirrors’, ‘Letters’ and ‘Blood in Your Eyes’. This last one is truly a masterpiece, that definitely reminds all the Tale of Us fans about their Endless album.

In a opposite way we have the style that we already associate to the duo KAS:ST. In that genre we have ‘A Magic World’, the track that gives the name to the LP, ‘Our Last Dance’, ‘Earth On Hell’ and ‘You Thought It Was The End’.

To end this wonderful LP we have some tracks that are a mix of many genres that you can’t even associate to one in specific. Those tracks are ‘Who’s to Say What’s Real’, ‘Siren’, ‘75Zoo’ and ‘Hope I’m Alone’.

And well, this is ‘A Magic World’, a challenge to the boundaries of the duo KAS:ST that did an amazing job with this whole new approach. On a personal note from the duo regarding this LP we can read that:

“These 15 tracks are our tribute to the duality, the diversity and complexity of us humans: from sadness to happiness, from desperation to vtopia. We see this album as a journey past emotional and musical frontiers.”

What is your opinion about this LP? Tell us in the comments! If you like it as much as we did make sure to purchase it here!

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