One of the most widely recognized names to Spoontech fans just returned to releases in a big way! Hardstyle Mafia teamed up with Jouni Herraten for an incredible theme, aptly named Strong

The track kicks off with strong, deep male vocals, with electrical guitar elements, very inspired by metal tracks. It doesn’t take long for the synths to kick in, leading us to an intense mid intro with fast paced, deep, punchy kicks, with some guitar chords here and there. The break returns to the metal inspired elements, with lyrics that transmit power to the listener. The climax drops out of the blue with immense energy, conveyed by the catchy melody. The track finishes off more or less the way it started with a very deep kick, and a nice bass below.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a release from these guys and it sure is good to see this act pop up once more, just in time to finish 2020 with a huge release. Spoontechnicians everywhere will surely be happy with this one!

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