One month after the release of Stjepanek EP ‘Alba’ on the Italian label Black Rose, there’s now an unexpected release of four tracks by Erly Tepshi and SOEL called ‘Destiny’ EP (BR007).

Destiny’ is a four-track EP which explores a darker side of melodic techno itself. The EP is presented with a track that gives the name to the EP itself. ‘Destiny’ is a powerful collaboration between two brilliant Italian artists alongside with ‘Eclissi’. The first one is more focused on deeper synths with a solid background that we can associate to SOEL without any doubt. ‘Eclissi’ in other hand is more focused on melody than darker and powerful synths. Alongside this powerful melody it brings a brilliant background of drums. These two tracks show what Italian melodic techno can offer and these two artists are the perfect example of it. On this interview that both artists have made for the label you can see what lead to this massive collaboration.

After those two brilliant tracks we have another two, but in this case it’s solos from both artists. To start we have ‘Supernova’ by Erly, a truly melodic masterpiece with a very catchy melody. In the other hand we have ‘Everywhere And Nowhere’ by SOEL and once again you can immediately see the difference between those two remarkable artists, especially on the synths that we already recognize as SOEL’s. In this track it explores a more progressive side of melodic techno with some references to ‘Fiorire D’inverno’ released on Afterlife on the Unity album .

And well, this is the ‘Destiny’ EP! What do you think about this massive Italian collaboration? Feel free to tell us in the comments! If you enjoy the EP as much as we did make sure to purchase it here.

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