After several months of hype, Adriatique label Siamese finally releases Siamese Anthology III with many hyped tracks during this atypical year.

Siamese Anthology III is a 8-track EP that represents the best that the Adrians label can offer to the world. To start we have what is probably the most hyped track of the year by the already well-known Yotto with ‘Observer’, which is a perfect merging between progressive house and melodic techno. Premiered many times by several artists all the fans were waiting by this masterpiece for a long time.

After that we have ‘Endless’ by Evans, a more Siamese stylish track with some great drums in the background alongside a very good melody, performed by many artists as well. And then we have a person who doesn’t need any introduction for all the fans of the label. You’re right! It’s Marino Canal with ‘Radiance’, an artist with his footprint on the scene already with many releases including on Afterlife Unity album with ‘Unfold’. As usual, Marino Canal didn’t disappoint with this remarkable track and the style that we are already used to recognise from the artist himself.

After that we start with the new artists the Adrians are betting on, with many already really good upcoming ones such as Remcord with ‘FMCD’, a stunning track, very well produced and quite interesting to see the great evolution of this brilliant artist in a short period of time. The same goes to In Anima and well, let me tell you this is the most impressive track of the album in my opinion, you just have chills from listening this beauty called ‘My Moon’. Keep in mind that In Anima are two brilliant artists as well who had already released a track on Afterlife as well called ‘Last Call’ performed several times by Mind Against.

After that we have ‘Eternal Memories’ by Alfredo Mazzilli, a more progressive track with higher BPM’s but still a beautiful track. Alongside that we have ‘Morpheus’ by ENOS, a stunning track that explores the synths in a way that we are not used to listen often. And to finish this stunning EP we have ‘Dark Light’ by Losless a very talented French producer with this melodic masterpiece which is the perfect way to end this EP.

In my point of view this might be one of the best EPs in the melodic techno scene in this atypical year. This really shows that no matter the strange world that we are living, music is always the best way to connect all of us. If you enjoy this EP as much as I did please make sure to purchase it here.

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