NAYVI further solidifies his status as one of the ones to watch in Hardstyle right now with his latest track, Look In My Eyes, released through the label My Way!

The track kicks off with soothing female vocals filling the sound waves. The mid intro has a punchy kick that gets increasingly aggressive as we progress, with a nice synth sitting on top. The break returns to the well treated female vocals that give name to the song. Alee’s voice then takes lead for a short period, with the strong melody taking control right after. The melody is backed by a nice bassline, giving color to this section of the track. The climax drops rather suddenly, which fits really great in this song, and is quite energetic! A section with rap like vocals from Alee bridges the climax with the following anti-climatic section, where we hear some heavy bass and really cool screeches.

A very well balanced track for someone that’s new in the scene, but who’s proving to be quite the talent! Did you enjoy this one? Let us know through our socials!

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