This past weekend we were greeted with the livestream for this year’s Qlimax. As Q-dance promised, this wasn’t really going to be a normal livestream, and they definitely weren’t kidding…

After our article, Q-dance had decided to dedicate this past week to Qlimax, with it climaxing (pun intended!) on last Saturday, with the stream kicking off mid-afternoon, playing a best of Qlimax from the last few years, starting in 2005. Historic performances were shown from artists like Zany, Headhunterz, Noisecontrollers, Showtek, amongst other big names in the history of Hardstyle, which was great for getting us in the mood for the big part of the stream…

Just as many speculated online, this big part of the stream was indeed an actual full length movie portraying the story of this year’s Qlimax. Those with a ticket to access the stream were greeted with an out of this world production, with amazing footage, epic editing with CGI complementing the scenes, and an irreprehensible soundtrack made by the priests that accompanied the audience in this journey, all of it glued together by JDX himself.

The movie was made of a few separate parts that flowed together perfectly, each of these parts reserved for the artists who became movie stars for this special stream, one at a time, presenting the song they made for this special occasion. The film as a whole was one crazy journey, but in a great way. It was very intense, and portrayed the dark ambience of Qlimax and the story the actual event usually showcases to its visitants every year. As many say, Qlimax is a story being told to the audience as the night progresses, and this movie achieved this same purpose very well. The intenseness of moments like when Sub Zero Project were on screen, or the energy of moments like during B-Front’s part had just a small pause when Headhunterz & JDX presented their track, in a setting that was somewhat soothing.

After the movie, the stream continued with artists showcasing a set on one of the purposefully built props that was seen throughout the movie – a structure that had pentagon like sides and a custom “desk” of some sorts inside that held the mixer and CDJ’s, with speakers at the base of it.

To top it all off, there was a small interview with some of the artists that was recorded after the movie being previewed to them with their reactions, which matched the reactions of many fans and us here as well at Wide Future!

Once again, and after showcasing an incredible and innovative livestream during Defqon.1, Q-dance once more raised the bar for livestreams. Here at Wide Future, we are absolutely passionate about electronic music and for the lack of something better until events can be held again, we are constantly seeing all sorts of livestreams, from small ones to bigger ones, and truth be told, this Qlimax livestream not only exceeded our expectations, but also showcased something absolutely unique and that’s not been seen before… Not to mention that it proved that Q-dance gathers a truly unique team of creators in their staff.

All this brings us to a broader question on live-streaming in general… can this huge production level be a reality for most livestreams? The answer is, unfortunately, likely no, but that’s fine and perfectly understandable, as we’ll explain… Q-dance has something rather unique with Qlimax that isn’t present in most of the other big events, which is the fact that they can easily justify this due to how Qlimax relies so heavily on its particular theme and storyline, something that most events don’t have… Even if they did, would we like to see livestreams like these often? Probably not, as that would ruin the uniqueness from these large events… Just like an artist doesn’t want to appear in every single livestream in order for people not to get tired of him, perhaps organizations should save these sorts of streams for big occasions only! In addition to that, resources like the ones Q-dance has aren’t reachable by many other organizations.

While other streams, like the Tomorrowland one, were truly exceptional and well made, Q-dance played a card that nobody else can play with this stream, and that’s something that will remain in everyone’s minds for a long, long time. If you want to watch it, stay tuned, as the organization stated they’re finding ways to make it available.

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