The young DJ and producer of only 21 years old, Hypanda, shows his talent again with another release of a great theme and you will not want to miss it!

Sometimes there are many talents that aren’t valued as they should be and even end up giving up on their dreams because they don’t get the support they deserve, in this case Hypanda, with only 21 years old, did not give up on his dreams and continues to demonstrate all his talent, although very young, and brings with him the singer Raphi, thus releasing “What Goes Around“, his latest single! A theme that shows the full potential of Hypanda, something more focused on House music and a bit of Pop and with Raphi’s voice everything becomes better.

Despite the recent debut with regard to releases, in 2019 with his first single “Gotta Get Love“, Hypanda shows quality and talent and in the course of 2020, he also released “Back Home“, and now this new single. A talented young man who still has a large margin for progression and who will undoubtedly be spoken of for the next few years to continue with this level.

About the singer, it was a big bet on the part of Hypanda, who gave a fluidity to music with the vocal from Raphi, a native singer from Cyprus, but who has her life in London and who’s worked with other electronic music artists like Alle Farben, Kraans, Galantis or Tom Gregory, although her area of ​​comfort is more in the style of R&B and some pop. This was also a challenge for her because despite everything there are completely different rhythms and melodies than what she is used to.

Listen below the new track of Hypanda and Raphi:

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