Seven months after the release of ‘Astra’ on the Unity album, AL037, Luigi Tutolo and Andrea Di Ceglie are now back with a 4-track EP called ‘Midnight Drive In Santigo’.

Every person who’s already familiar with Afterlife obviously knows this Italian duo and their annual releases on the label. Before ‘Astra’ they released a remix of ‘Buchal’s Dream’ on AL030 and on the end of September they made a set regarding the Unity series.

The first track of this stunning EP it’s called ‘Santiago’ and it’s a track that has been hyped over two years and many fans were waiting for it. It’s a perfect combination of the melodic style that we are already familiar with the Italian duo alongside ‘Midnight Drive’ who has also powerful kicks and snares but this one explores more the synths in their organic way. Followed by these two remarkable tracks we have ‘Chain Reaction’ a groovier track with higher bpm, and to finish as the cherry on the top of the cake we have something a little out of the box called ‘Out of Format’ which is a completely different approach from what we are usually used to. But still in this last one we can feel some synths from previous stunning tracks by Agents of Time.

And well, this is ‘Midnight Drive In Santiago’, a brilliant EP and once again Agents of Time didn’t disappoint on this one as well! Tell us your opinion in the comments below and if you enjoyed this EP as much as we did make sure to purchase it here!

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