Straight from the UK, the 21 year old DJ and producer FOULPLAY keeps on pushing the boundaries of what deep groove sounds everyday and he just released a track that shows that off.

In fact, this guy has been experimenting with his sound and he’s definitely leaving his mark on the Bass/Tech House dance scene. His tracks will have you grooving all night long, making you wish you were in the craziest dancefloor.

This new release comes at a time where people are tired of being at home, tired of the same daily routine, always looking for a way out, for a way of going out and stay at the club After Hours.

With a heavy bassline, powerful kick drums and a catchy vocal, this one will pop in your head for as long as you feel like dancing. It’s a true party starter, pusher and finisher for any DJ to use at their own parties whenever we can go out and start partying together once again!

The track is now out on all streaming platforms, so make sure you listen to it and let us know what you think about it!

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