Two heavyweights of the Hardstyle scene joined together in the studio for an astounding collaboration! How We Do will certainly rock the dance floors when we can party again!

The track kicks off with chopped vocals in the background, pitching up and serving as a build to the mid intro. Before that section we get some interesting screeches, along with a bassy broken beat. It then featured a deep kick that switches to more intense kicks as we progress, ending with the high pitched characteristic kicks from Warface. The break has rap-like vocals with a broken beat once more, leading us to a melodic section, where Hard Driver’s style is very noticeable. The claps here fit very well in the background, with the build up being super intense! The climax is amazing, with the simply melody topping the heavy kicks and contrasting really well with them. The final part should work really well live, with the crunchy bass beneath it.

An amazing and very balanced collaboration where both artist’s styles shine through really well. It’s not often we see such a well balanced track in what concerns collabs!

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