B-Front is on a roll with his unreleased ID’s! After the renowned Cosmos, it was now time to release Purest Heart, premiered one year ago at Qlimax!

The track start with an almost orchestral like atmosphere, and some loose plucks in the high end. Haunting vocals Athen guide us through this intro, leading into a strong melody. Suddenly the track escalates on a short and straight to the point build up, leading us to an energetic climax with the immense melody taking us through it. Just when you think the track winds down, we’re led through another build up, with the second climax experiencing some melody variations, all while keeping the same strong kick, very powerful on the deeper end of the spectrum.

Seems all these long awaited ID’s from the man known as one of the kings of tracks that stay a long time unreleased are finally coming out, and fans are certainly rejoicing, playing these tracks loud after having heard them a few times on last year’s festival season! Were you eagerly waiting for these tracks? Let us know through our socials!

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