South African star Black Coffee makes two big announcements and brings with him two big music stars that promise to raise the bar.

Good news arrives from the African continent, indeed, excellent news! The DJ and producer Black Coffee shows, once again, all his quality and launches another great theme, and brings with it two great stars, they are the iconic singer Pharrell Williams and Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Jozzy, being born “10 Missed Calls“.

A very well produced theme, something more pop-oriented and with a piano part to accompany that makes all the difference in the course of the music, and with the vocal part of Pharrel Williams and Jozzy taking it one step above, something just incredible this collaboration between 3 big stars. It is also a great recognition for Black Coffee to be able to work with these 2 artists as he says:

“To have both Pharrell Williams and Jozzy on a record with me and a part of my album project is an honour. They are two true talents that I hold so much respect and admiration for. Nothing but good energy all around!”.

Black Coffee continues to make his great journey as a producer, who after his renowned album, for which he had several prizes, “Pieces of Me“, has been increasingly developing all his production quality, having already collaborated with great stars like Drake, Usher, Alicia Keys or David Guetta. This is also a special theme as it is the fourth song that Black Coffee releases and will be part of his future album Subconsciouslywhich will be released on February 5th and you will be able to check the playlist of the South African artist’s album below:

1. Lost (w/ DJ Angelo) (feat. Jinadu)

2. You Need Me (feat. Maxine Ashley & Sun-El The Musician)

3. SBCNCSLY (feat. Sabrina Claudio)

4. I’m Fallin (feat. RY X)

5. Time (feat. Cassie)

6. LaLaLa (feat. Usher)

7. Flava (feat. Una Rams & Tellaman)

8. 10 Missed Calls (feat. Pharrell Williams & Jozzy)

9. Ready For You (feat. Celeste)

10. Wish You Were Here (feat. Msaki) [Album Version]

11. Drive (w/ David Guetta) (feat. Delilah Montagu) [Edit]

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