Here comes the combination of two great worlds and it happen with the collaboration of Alison Wonderland and Valentino Khan, one that will definitely not disappoint you.

If there is anything in life that can truly unite two worlds, it is undoubtedly music, managing to unite artists with different sounds and styles that in the end create a true masterpiece. And in this case, it was another example of that. Valentino Khan decided to join Alison Wonderland and create a great theme released through Mad Decent, Diplo’s label, “Anything“.

Starting with a very soft start, and with the vocal part in charge of Alison Wonderland, the music starts to rise in pitch and we can see that it has house-music sounds and with Valentino Khan also showing his sonority and what has distinguished him throughout his career. A theme without a doubt that will make you dance and shows the quality of two great artists who finally made a collaboration.

Speaking a little of the two artists, Valentino Khan continues to set the world on fire with his sonorities, the same that became known from the song “Deep Down Low“, continued his journey and later this year launched great themes like “Blackmail“, “DeathProof “, “Division” or “everybodysgonnawannadancewithme” that gave rise to the EP “French Fried” and also released the EP remix album “House Party“. Alison Wonderland, on the other hand, has kept her usual style and innovated on some themes like “Bad Things“, the theme released previously to the one discussed in this article, which was very well received by fans and had great feedback from other artists. Not to mention “W.W.C.B.D” and “Bummed” released later in the year.

Listen below the new track of Valentino Khan and Alison Wonderland:

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