This long period without festivals has taken its toll on all of us, especially artists… But fear not! The Purge is making up for the lack of his big performance at Defqon.1 by releasing a collab album!

First track is LOSE CONTROL with an amazing guest: MC Livid! The track kicks off with a melody and a breakbeat, and we’re led through it with Livid’s voice, inviting us to lose control and rave the night away! The following section features two heavy kicks with distorted bass down below. The break gives the listener some time to breathe. The build up is intense and the climax unleashes strong kicks and a cool, good vibes melody topping it all!

Next up is RIGHT NOW with Sickmode. As expected, this one focuses on rough kicks. Deep, punchy, hollow, with a distorted bass below it, you name it! All sorts of low frequencies will fill your speakers throughout.

LIFE IS A BITCH with Zyon is the third track. It starts with a menacing snare, rap vocals, and the addicting melody, likely the most unique thing in this production. Afterwards there’s a build up to an anti climatic section with punchy and bassy kicks and an orchestral like vocal in the background. The break features a breakbeat with rap vocals once more. From then on it is pure energy, starting with the melody up top, an intense build up, the fake drop, and a ‘pedal to the metal style’ climax that will make your jaw drop in awe!

We proceed with WORLDS COLLIDE, with Fraw. A track that greets us right away with some action through a punchy kick with distorted bass and proceeds with some of the filthiest kicks this album has! There’s some interesting vocals guiding us through this track that seem taken from some sort of old movie or series and give the track an interesting touch. To finish it all, and after a huge build up, we get another section with a crazy kick assortment and the synth side chained.

TORTURE is up next, and this one’s a collab with Kruelty. Right away we can see this one lends quite a bit of Kruelty’s style. We’re greeted with deep, monstrous vocals, deep kicks and a very dark, almost industrial like vibe!

SPICY, with Andy the Core is quite the interesting track. Seems as if it was somewhat of an experiment, one that resulted well! Here we can hear The Purge’s usual style, combined with a bit of Andy the Core’s. Make no mistake, as this is a Hardcore track, but can we straight away call it like that given the mash of styles we have here? This is more like Hardstyle on steroids, for a lack of a better term! Interesting outside of the box collab to close this album.

And just like that, we quickly went through this album! And it is a very well thought one, and diverse as well. Despite having great tracks, we feel some lack the detail others have, something that doesn’t take away the shine from the album as a whole. We also feel there’s no aim to tell a story with this album, or that you need to listen to songs in their running order to fully enjoy it, and that’s perfectly ok, given all tracks work well individually! And we also wished there were a few more tracks… But we’re sure The Purge isn’t stopping here and will soon greet us with more amazing tracks. Great effort from The Purge & his fellow producers that greatly contributed to these collaborations!

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[REVIEW] The Purge pleases fans with collab album, 'Bloody Slime'!
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