We have for the first time an intercontinental collaboration between Dubvision and Pontifexx, which despite the distance managed to create a great music.

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Although we live in complicated days, it is with music that we are able to find our “corner” to think a little and decompress the day-to-day that we take and even take a dance step around the house. And this is going to be a theme that undoubtedly is to go into repeat mode at your home, Dubvision and Pontifexx present their new theme “Stand By You“.

The Dutch duo decided to cross the Atlantic and meet the talented Brazilian DJ Pontifexx to produce a collaboration together for the first time. A very engaging theme that embraces both worlds and where we can see that the big room and the future house are two great influences on this theme with a great vocal part that fits perfectly with the melody of the song. A theme that is undoubtedly very well produced and that will bring both success to both.

Talking a little about Pontifexx, he is a Brazilian young man of only 22 years old who is spreading his magic and talent, counting on performances on great stages, such as at Lollapalooza, in which he was the youngest artist in the entire line-up that was presented and still didn’t disappoint. It caught the attention of Martin Garrix and he has everything needed to be able to have a great future. Dubvision, on the other hand, needs no introduction, with a career that gets better and better and with a lot of performances at the biggest festivals in the world.

Listen below the track of Dubvision and Pontifexx:

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