Sephyx joins the talent from down under Firelite for an intercontinental collab that resulted in an astonishing track that will surely mark both artist’s careers!

The track begins with robotic vocals that put the listener in the mood, and quickly switches to an immense melody that fills the speakers. After a quick build up, we’re treated with an epic mid intro with an insanely punchy and deep kick that gets everything rolling, accompanied by vocal elements. The kick then switches, ending this section shortly after. The break is focused on the well treated vocals that give this track an amazing atmosphere. The melody strikes through once more, as another vocals are introduced during the build up, with the track quickly dropping all its energy. Some vocal elements fill the gaps in the sound very well, with the kick sounding truly impressive on good speakers. The second climax is equally impressive. We also have the signature guitar riffs from Sephyx, which always give a distinctive touch to his releases! The outro has a beautiful piano melody that soothes the listener as the track finishes.

Both artists are well known for their upbeat Hardstyle with great kicks and amazing melodies. Joining together was one of the best things these guys did during these past few months, as it resulted in this astonishing collab, where you can hear a bit of both artist’s sounds… be sure to play it loud!

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