Almost one month after the release of BR005, Black Rose REC is back again with a powerful release from Stjepanek called ‘Alba’ EP.

This EP contains three tracks, ‘Alba’, ‘Discord Phases’, ‘Inside’ and marks the return of Stjepanek, an already well-known producer with very unique tracks such as the remix of ‘With You Here’ ft. Eleonora, ‘Serenity’ with MUNSE and many more. On Black Rose REC he’s not a strange either because he had already released a track on Opposite Ways EP, ‘Il Buio Svanirà’.

Alba’ is probably the most hyped track of the EP and it’s for that reason that it has the name of the EP itself. This track and ‘Discord Phases’ have a very melodic vibe that fits perfectly with the kicks and the snares that we are already used to listening in Stjepanek songs. In another hand, ‘Inside’ addresses a more “commercial” side of techno with the beautiful voice of Eleonora. A brilliant track that merges that unique voice with powerful drums and synths.

As we are already used to on this amazing Italian label, Stjepanek gave a special interview to the label itself regarding this fantastic release. You can purchase ‘Alba’ here.

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