Two huge names in the scene joined together and the result is impressive! Jump Deep In The Night with Frontliner and Adaro!

The track kicks off with vocals inspired by pop in the 80’s, putting the listener into a good mood. The mid intro has punchy and deep kicks, setting the pace for the track. Punchiness increases as we progress, with the very well treated vocals guiding us through the track. The break unleashes the amazingly addicting melody that these artists made, slowly rising in intensity until the climax. We get the iconic deep in the night vocals and then the track unleashes all its energy! The track quickly winds down once more, to a break with amazing string elements. It ramps up again as quickly as it slowed down for a second climax that features a melody variation that keeps things interesting.

The whole track is an amazing roller coaster ride, with ups and downs, and with build ups that are an absolute pleasure! This one will surely be a tune that will light up the dancefloors once we can party as we used to before the pandemic! On a more personal note, it was amazing seeing two of the artists that most contributed to my love for the harder styles join together. This release definitely lived up to the expectation!

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