Two amazing duos clashed in the studio for a unique release. Audiotricz and Bass Modulators did a fine job with this one!

The track kicks off with electrical guitar elements and female rap-like vocals. We’re quickly led to some claps that set the mood and the tempo for the track. The following section features a deep, punchy kick, and then a huge bass element gets added, one that echoes in the room when you turn up the volume. There’s a break section focused on the vocals and that introduces a huge melody as we progress. After that the vocals assist in a build up that unleashes all the track has to offer, with the huge kick and bass and the epic melody. The track has somewhat an encore, a very energetic section that serves as the outro.

Very nice and balanced release, that features elements that you can pinpoint to either Audiotricz (with the guitar elements) and Bass Modulators (with the epic melody). It was interesting to see these artists taking the tempo a bit above, to convey that extra feeling of energy!

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