Looking forward to Qlimax? We obviously won’t be able to party at the GelreDome this year, but fear not – once again Q-dance has our back!

After the smashing success of the Defqon.1 livestream last summer, Q-dance will once more take on the challenge of bringing the festival vibes to our homes, and this time they’re promising an unprecedented audiovisual journey.

As fans of the harder styles know, Qlimax is one of the longest running Hard Dance events, and this success is partly due to the way the show is conducted – some choose to describe it as a story that’s being told throughout the night, with each of its elements being unfolded as the event progresses, and we find that a very accurate depiction of what the event is.

This year’s story will unfold on your screen, on the 28th of November, starting at 8pm until 1am. During this time, there will be six “chapters” for the story, each with its own unique soundtrack, in a segment that will last 1 hour. This is follow by the afterparty, consisting of 3 hours reserved for artists playing their sets. As for the other hour remaining, it a bit unclear what Q-dance will do, but we do know there will be a pre-show for the event, and thus it is likely that it’s with that they’ll fill the time at the start of the stream.

In the words of Daan Jansen, Show & Art Director at Q-dance:

“Qlimax The Source takes the viewer on a journey to a new reality, a world where hardstyle, film and show techniques come together. Fueled by the mystical atmosphere Qlimax is known for, we create a home experience that takes people on a true hardstyle trip.”.

All this gets us wondering: will Q-dance once again raise the bar for live-streamed events? We will be here next month to find out! And beginning on Saturday, the 31st, we can start preparing to witness this journey. Tickets will go live at 1pm CET for about 10€. The pre-show is free to watch, but for the full experience you should get a ticket!

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