Life Or Death is the dicotomy explored in Dillytek’s latest release, and it’s quite the nice theme!

The track kicks off with strong female vocals and soft background elements. Shortly after there’s a mid intro with a deep, punchy kicks with bass echoing in the airwaves that gradually switches to more upbeat kicks, ending up with one with a nice distorted bass down below. The break winds down the track and is similar to the intro. We then have a piercing synth breaking through the speakers with a catch melody. The build up is quite intense, making good use of chopped and pitched up vocal elements. The climax is also quite powerful, bringing all the elements together in a really nice way. The kicks get heavier as we progress.

This is quite the interesting track, and a very well built one. All elements fuse together perfectly, with the intenseness raising as we progress in a very balanced way. Lovely piece of work!

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