On the 22nd at around 5 pm, Warface notifies us with yet another bombshell

Blow the Speakers” as the title name says, is in fact a track full of bombastic kicks ready to tear your columns apart. First part of the track, the first succession of kicks is relatively calm, but right after the vocals the kick increases the power a lot.

Going to the second part of the track we have a part just dedicated to Bass and right after that an incredible succession of totally aggressive and distorted kicks, which is the one I like to hear the most.

There has been an immense hype about Warface and that hype has been justified due to his great quality of production and when he performs live, he fills the stage in which it is acting in seconds… if you’ve seen him live, you know why – his tracks work REALLY well live!

Warface has been having a fantastic year when it comes to launching tracks, always with very high production quality. On a personal level, I did not like Warface very much at first when he emerged, because the songs did not attract my attention but nowadays he amongst the ones I hear most without a doubt, congratulations to him who managed to win more listeners and fans every day. We’ve featured him a lot on our website, and you can that here and here.

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