This isn’t the first time we’re talking about the bright future this young french talent has ahead of him and he has a brand new EP out! SOXX’s Through My Eyes EP is now out!

That’s right, straight from the streets of Paris, SOXX is back with some fresh new bangers. He’s been doing some experimenting in the studio and he managed to find a sound that truly defines him.

From his early darker sounds, where the main bass house vibe was predominant, he came a long way to what he actually sounds like today. His newest tracks are filled with melodies, vibey elements and calming vocals, and his deeper music sense brought him right to the top.

After releasing Lie (which has currently +500k on Spotify), he made his way into Don Diablo’s label Generation Hex with his track Gotta Work and he just released his brand new EP Through My Eyes!

With Hate Me, Sun Rotation and Watch Me, it is a true expression of SOXX’s state of mind, expanding on his reinvention with something that feels so familiar yet so differentiated from the rest of the scene.

The EP is now out everywhere, so make sure you listen to it and let us know what you think about it!

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