Today we bring a name that’s not often spoken about in the Hardstyle scene, but that deserves a lot of recognition. Nexone is at the top of his game and just unleashed a gorgeous track with heartfelt vocals named Got Me So High!

The track kicks off with enticing female vocals and a mid-intro with a very deep and punchy kick, with a big focus on the lower frequencies that give warmth to the track. It then quickly winds down to a break centered on the vocals. The melody soon kicks off, filling the higher end of the frequency spectrum really well, with soft beats in the background ramping the track up. The build up doesn’t take long to lead us to an energetic climax that has the best of all the elements introduced so far, combining perfectly deep, bassy elements, with the melody up top. Between both climaxes there’s a short break, with the second one showing us a variation of the melody making things really interesting, together with some nice kicks rolls.

What do you think of this immense track? If you love it, be sure to show Nexone some love on his socials!

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