Tech House might just be one of the leading dance music genres in the world right now and people like Nick Nasci are the reason why. Each track you hear from this guy has its own unique twist and his brand new EP shows that off.

That’s right, with new music coming out every week, it gets tough having the chance to listen to everything. Nevertheless, you have to keep both your eyes and your ears on this guy.

Nick Nasci is a rising star and his Tech House production skills are completely under the spotlight with the Luney Tunes EP. Starting off with Esta fumando?, the funny portuguese vocal will set the mood for the groovy beat that comes along.

Then, You’re So Good follows the mood and with some melodical elements, Nick manages to keep the vibe going, making you want to dance all night long.

Finally, Give Me A Chance finishes the EP off with a bang and the bounce basslines will make your head nod for the end of times.

You can now stream this one everywhere, so make sure you do and let us know what you think about it!

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