This week we’re bringing you an insight into Vis:on, a very talented producer from Italy! His unique vision on Techno has been making a difference in the scene and we were very curious to know more about him… And we’re sure you are as well!

[WF] Wide Future: First of all, on behalf of Wide Future, thank you so much for you being available to do this interview with us.

[V] Vis:on: Thanks to you!

[WF]: How does the name Vis:on came up and what’s the main goal of that identity?

[V]: Vis:on is for ‘Vision’, I’ve decided to choose this name because all of us, when listen music, we create something in our mind, a kind of imaginary world, a parallel vision.

[WF]: You do your career as a hobby or is this your full-time job?

[V]: At the moment, it’s an hobby. I’ve a work and I do a lot of sports to keep me fit, but I’m working to make this profession (DJ and Producer) a job. There are many sacrifices in life.

[WF]: When was the passion for the music born from? Especially Techno itself.

[V]: My passion for music was born when I was a child, with my father I listened artists like Bee Gees, Bob Marley, Phil Collins, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Imagination, and many more 80/90’s artists. I listen to Techno music for many years, everything started when I went to the first festivals and first events here in Turin. The city where I live has many parties of this genre, but I think we need to open up to new genres like Melodic Techno.

[WF]: Since you’re still an, let’s say, upcoming artist because you’ve started Vis:on about a year ago, what lead to such a quick growth by you as an artist?

[V]: I think my collaborations with my friends Synästhesie and Opposite Ways and my VISION mix series.

[WF]: Many artists start their careers with single releases but you, in the other hand, started with your own podcast VISION. Did that help in growing faster?

[V]: I think yes, VISION was created for fun, but I see people are understanding my kind of vision, what I want to transmit with the music and I’m very happy for this.

[WF]: Followed by incredible episodes of VISION, with an epic reach regarding plays from many people around the world, you’ve released an epic collab with Synasthesie called ‘Shapeless’. How did that start?

[V]: ‘Shapeless’ was born circa one year ago, I met Emiliano and Simone here in Turin and we spoken a lot of the musical situation here, we wanted to bring the Melodic Techno in our city. I was working on a few tracks, we listened all of my projects together, one of these had a very cool melody and we decided to continue the track, after many weeks ‘Shapeless’ was born.

[WF]: Followed by that amazing collaboration, you’ve released an EP called ‘Raijin’ on 4our Records together with the duo Opposite Ways. How did that project start?

I’m very happy about Raijin EP. The project started when Gabriele (Pavanati), one of them, wrote me on Facebook, we spoken a lot about music and Italian Melodic Techno artists. One day we decided to meet each other in their studio and work together to a single track (Lightning Storm), that weekend we finished it in one day and we decided to work on another track (Raijin). 1 month later I went in their studio to finish ‘Raijin’ and a third track was born (In The End). We were very inspired that weekend ahaha!

[WF]: On the last Sunday you released what’s probably your most special episode of VISION. How are the people reacting to it and how was it developed?

This episode was very important for me. In this difficult situation is very important to share and listen a lot of music, all clubs are closed here but nothing can stop music! So, I’ve decided with my friends (Loris and Luca of Eagle Drone Torino) to make a new projects, a new way to listen and live the music. Many artists are doing the same thing but here in Turin, here in Italy, there are a lot of beautiful and suggestive places to visit and why we can’t see these by listening music? So, with drones and cameras we recorded VISION 006 in a beautiful places like ‘Mulino Val’. We have a lot of places where we want to do many footage and continue our project, stay tuned!

[WF]: During this pandemic, you’ve spent more time in the studio than you did before? Could you say that this pandemic ‘helped’ you in a way to become more focused?

[V]: Unfortunately not, I didn’t spend time in the studio because I couldn’t get out from my home due the lockdown, but I did something at home with PC and my keyboard and I had many ideas that i’m still working on in studio now.

[WF]: Do you have any releases coming up later this year?

[V]: I’m still looking for my own sound, I’m mainly working on two tracks, I think I’ll do another one to come out with a 3 tracks EP. I am patient and I don’t want to be rushed because I want them to be perfect and reflect the sound I want.

[WF]: What are your goals for a near future?

[V]: Do an EP for 2021 and do many more tracks. Continue the project with my friends of Eagle Drone Torino and do more projects and collaboration that I’m thinking and speaking with friends and some people, but above all return to travel around the world!

Thank you guys!

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