Vyral has been doing an impressive work with his latest releases and the one he just put out is no exception! This Evil Technology will certainly destroy your speakers… in a good way!

The track kicks off with robotic elements, such as some screeches and the vocals. The mid-intro is somewhat Psy inspired, resembling those releases a couple years ago dubbed as “psystyle”, but in a very innovative way, resembling the usual Vyral sound we’re used to. The break has a very pleasant breakbeat with punchy kicks and the track then suddenly drops out of the blue, presenting us a very detailed and chaotic section with a lot of different sounds, but that makes total sense when you listen to it. We then go to another section similar to the mid intro that finishes as quickly as it started. The outro section is mostly focused on the deep, punchy kick, with all the robotic elements once more present, tribal like vocals, and the cacophony of elements that gives the track that mechanical, robotic feel!

This is quite the outside the box track, something very welcome, but not surprising, from a producer that goes above and beyond what’s usual in Hardstyle and that is bringing something innovative and fresh to the scene. Although the track may sound a bit chaotic at first, when listening to it you’ll realize that that’s exactly what gives this track its whole concept and that all the elements together make total sense and give it a continuous, mechanical feel, as it if were a robot moving through soundwaves. We hope you love as much as we did!

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