This morning, on a beautiful Monday, we received a notification from Gearbox that the Spanish duo’s new release was out

Mi Madre” fuses an old school Spanish theme, resembling something from the 80’s, with modern hardstyle elements, The Straikerz showed us a new hidden combination and the result was hilarious. A track of very specific kickrolls from the spanish producers along with a fantastic melody. In the final part the kicks are completely distorted, it is a pleasure for the ears of Xtra Raw fans.

The Straikerz start to gain more name for the scene and as I mentioned here on our website.

Gearbox is certainly one of the labels that most values ​​its producers because Malice took over Xtra Raw scene with Gearbox, tomorrow it will be others, it is always good to remember who the accomplices were at the time that gave the name to the label, and as we mentioned earlier in the article feel free to read about The Straikerz, they will certainly be the future, not only of Xtra Raw scene, but also of Gearbox and Hardstyle in general.

Names like D-Sturb started at Gearbox and eventually followed their path to greatness, and today he’s one of the biggest names in the Hard scene, Malice, Rooler and Sickmode (at the time together with Malice) also left their mark on Gearbox.

On a personal level, sometimes I do not know what to say because I could spend the whole article talking about them and how much I love their music. Since I joined Wide Future, making articles to keep you up to date with releases and new talents, The Straikerz entered the list of those I’m going to take seriously when I hear some of their tracks, many of which drove me completely crazy for their underrated quality. There are a lot of artists that I follow, and I can certainly talk about them with a lot of enthusiasm but The Straikerz mess with me in a different way.

Future talents will be reading our article or in the studio looking for ideas to innovate Xtra Raw with each passing day, who knows, one day it may be you who will spoken about on our website! Try hard and never give up fighting for your dreams, The Straikerz probably never even thought that their name started to have views and these numbers, “Oooh mi madre!”

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