Today is the day when we can hear the 2nd collaboration made by the members of End of Line Recordings, one of the best Hardstyle labels today.

After lots of requests from the fans to release the track, yesterday it finally got released everywhere. “Strive for Domination” was the first collaboration from of all members of End of Line, the feedback was so good that when E-Force and Bloodlust joined the End of Line label, fans argued that there might be a second collaboration by part of all the DJ’s and producers that are part of the label.

Strongest Formation” is the name of the track, with a variety of kicks and screechs from those around End of Line. The vocals always on point and as E-Force and Bloodlust were the last to enter End of Line we heard a screech of E-Force and Bloodlust kicks throughout the track, but mainly in the first part. In the second, everyone already fulfills their duty to leave their mark on the track and the end result is truly brilliant. “Strongest Formation” was played a few times before the pandemic and fans were going crazy with the track and couldn’t wait for it.

An interesting part is also that in the comments of the video of the track “Strongest Formation“, the fans are very interested in Rebelion joining the label, as End of Line is one of the most innovative labels and, in our opinion, Rebelion would be very good fit on it. It is all speculation, obviously, but maybe in the near future we can see this duo on End of Line, hopefully taking part in one of these mega collaborations.

In addition to this group of producers, Minus is More also did something relatively similar and released “Brothers in Sound” which is also a track where the producers of that label produce together in one room.

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