A label that’s well known by our home country’s crowd celebrates their 10th anniversary!

Their We Love Hardstyle parties came to the capital city of Lisbon quite a few times already, and despite their celebration being cut short by the coronavirus, this album serves as a way to celebrate this milestone and even includes a track from In-Rush!

One Decade kicks off with a punchy, pace setting mid intro, with a bouncy, distorted bass down below. The vocals in the break shine through above it all, fusing well together with the orchestral melody, with an insight on this label’s story. We’re then introduced to a clap that quickly gives way to the lead melody. The track climaxes shortly after, filled with energy and a really addicting melody.

After the great success with Ameno, one of the most revered tracks to date from this artist, In-Rush now takes part on this celebratory album, where you’ll also be able to find known faces from this label, such as Paulistos, High Level and Back To Basics, just to name a few. be sure to let us know what’s your favorite track from it!

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