Physika is a hugely talented producer that we’ve been keeping an eye on for a while, and he just released one of the finest pieces of work of his career!

The track kicks off with opera like vocals and strings on the background. It then suddenly kicks off with an immense melody piercing the airwaves. We then have deep male vocals introducing the punchy mid intro, with menacing screeches. The break returns with the deep vocals, alternated with the immense melody. It quickly ramps up, climaxing in straight away to a very energetic section with a nice distorted bass down below. The melody contrasts very well with the overall roughness of the track. Just when you think all is over, the track has one last burst of energy, with a section more focused on the kick and bass, that will surely work well on all dancefloors. The opera-like vocals in the background for this section and the outro give this ending an amazing atmosphere.

Physika continues to showcase his vibes and talent through very unique releases… So be sure to keep him on your radar!

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