The latest confirmation from Masters of Hardcore, and a famous name in the Hardcore scene, N-Vitral, launches yet another of his bombs!

Signing on the label Masters of Hardcore is not an easy task and it is the goal of many to reach this label and to maintain its good shape you must certainly give your life in the studio to produce another track of immense quality and here is the “Start A Riot“.

N-Vitral has been having a good time in his career and has always maintained a good shape in terms of producing tracks, as the quality is always much higher than almost all other Hardcore producers, the reason for this is that on the Hardcore stages where he performs, he fills everything until the end, and until there is no more space, I speak from experience because at Defqon.1 the stage was completely packed!

Start a Riot” has some magnificent kicks and a very strong message for the people in general, as if it were a motivating force in having a revolution. The first part contains simply monstrous kicks and the second part already has a perfect melody that together with the classic N-Vitral kick makes for an epic track, another one for the books.

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