Almost four months after the first release of Black Rose Rec, the Italian label has given us another vision regarding the melodic techno scene with amazing releases, and now they are back with the very first EP from Binaryh called ‘Stardust’.

The duo is composed by Rene and Camila, a Brazilian young couple that since 2018 started to become well-known in the scene with the support from many artists like Tale of Us, Adriatique, Fideles, Fur Coat, Nicole Moudaber, Bart Skils, Kevin de Vries, among others. Nowadays the duo is most well-known for the tracks ‘Hydra’, ‘Selene’ and ‘Ara’.

Now, after months of waiting, ‘Stardust’ was finally released on Ciro Acciarino’s label Black Rose. It’s an epic three-track EP that combines very powerful melodic leads alongside the drums that we are already used to in the melodic techno scene, especially on this label. ‘Capella’ and ‘Pyxis’ are the most powerful tracks from the EP. They explore the darkest side of Binaryh themselves. ‘Eos’ in the other hand has a more melodic and progressive vibe to it but it stills fits on the EP perfectly.

As we are already used to in Black Rose Rec, the label itself released an interview with Binaryh where they talk about the EP and how they became who they are today as an artist. I truly recommend you listen ‘Stardust’ first and then watch the interview. The Black Rose crew and Binaryh did an amazing job with this release and we can’t wait to listen the next ones from this label.

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