Today we bring a newcomer that’s been popping up on the Hardstyle Portugal community – NEVZ is a new talent that you should keep your eyes on!

Keep Pushing kicks off in a somewhat soothing way with opera-like background vocals. This is followed by a section with strong male vocals. It’s not long until the main melody emerges, with a relatively short build up following it. The climax drops straight away to action, something that always pleases me, with the melody contrasting nicely with a strong kick down below. After that we get another vocal break, with the build up this time ramping up higher and making way for a curious plot twist with the BPM’s rising to end the track with an immense bang, and a nice distorted bass down below.

While still relatively unknown and not too experienced, we can clearly see this artist has interesting ideas that he can bring to the table. There are a few tidbits that could eventually be worked out for this track to be 10/10, but this is a really great effort that makes us curious on what’s coming next! Stay tuned, as this guy may be a name to watch in the future.

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