The Russian duo, Matisse & Sadko, comes to show all their talent with another great theme launched through STMPD RCRDS. Are you ready to hear it?

At a time when we are all experiencing complicated moments due to the pandemic that haunts us, behold, Matisse & Sadko present their new theme, showing their “Sweet Life“, a theme full of good energy and that presents the great quality of this Russian duo that throughout the times has shown why they are one of the most talented in the world.

Out of curiosity, this was a theme created on a night, inspired by piano melodies, and he duo decided to continue this project until this masterpiece was born. This theme turns out to be the mixture of their “progressive” and trance, which works quite well and maybe even inspiring the duo to create more themes in the style of Trance and open a door to new collaborations.

The duo has also taken advantage and released a lot of themes through the STMPD RCRDS, Martin Garrix label, with great success. Previously, other great themes had huge success such as “Dragon“, “Together“, “Break Through The Silence” among others and passing through more recent themes like “Now or Never” or “Strings Again“.

Listen below the new track of Matisse & Sadko:

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