Today around 11 o’clock in the morning Hard Driver and Ran-D finally launch their 2nd collaboration together after a great enthusiasm by the fans, a track that was played a few times by Ran-D on sets.

The melody… What an incredible melody! I could stay here talking about the melody during the whole article because this is something completely incredible. Ran-D’s signature vocal is unconditionally good on this track and that touch on Hard Driver’s melody, once again, making a difference. The two have a magnificent signature vocal but I think Ran-D won the bet against Hard Driver and he stayed the person in charge of vocals this time, maybe in a next collaboration Hard Driver will be in charge. The track theme is very creative and even the video clip was very well thought out and well acted, 10/10!

Ran-D has had some good and long years in our scene and he is also one of the main artists responsible for taking Hardstyle to stages outside the Hard Scene, and even top DJ’s have played his tracks to finish the set, Ran-D has always been respected in his career. On the Hard Driver side, the same can be said, it is of equal quality and has already had some good years in the scene.

Sleepless Nights” is what most of us have been fighting through when we realize that we could have had a year full of festivals and we have to stay home, luckily this is close to an end!

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