Legendary duo Frequencerz just released a track with some oriental flavors! To bring color to this collab they’ve brought in ATTACK, a relatively unknown artist from Asia!

The track kicks off with a breakbeat, together with elements that you usually hear on oriental music, along with smooth female vocals. Helping ramp things up we have a very characteristic kind of melody from the duo, and the well known MC DL lending his voice. The track steadily progresses, with a pitching up effect, ending up in an energetic climax straight away. The kick is punchy and the melody complements it really well, keeping the dancefloor going, with the kick pitching being the icing of the cake. The track then slowly calms down, progressing to a section with a distorted bass down below and then heading to a very short break, before ramping up again. This build up takes a bit longer, building up the momentum, featuring a more aggressive part onwards with the immense kicks and the screeches stealing the show.

This is an amazing track that has a bit of melody and a bit of roughness in perfect balance. The inclusion of the young asian artist gave a very interesting twist to the recipe that’s present here, one that we’re used to and that always works, in any stage, anywhere – the usual energetic productions from Frequencerz!

In addition to all that we’re left wondering how this unlikely collaboration came about. Frequencerz are a frequent name in Q-dance’s Asia tours, and maybe that was how these artists met. Will this help Frequencerz further delve into the asian market, one that’s not traditionally connected with Hardstyle, and help spread the genre there? Only time will tell!

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