As a rule, Mondays are usually the worst days of the week as it is when we return from our rest on the weekend, but Luminite sends this banger out by 11 am to give us motivation for the rest of the week.

The track contains a very interesting construction and different from what we are used to hearing from Luminite, the first part contains two magnificent drops and one of them with less punch, simply the kick to do the job, in the second it is as if we were at war with aliens and it features a laser kick too good to hear in a short time.

The second part contains two drops, the first sequence being relatively similar to the first drop in the first part, consecutively the 2nd drop the kicks are already “same as always” from Luminite, in a good way, with an incredible punch and something very pleasant to hear, Xtra Raw in its pure state. Another beautiful release on Gearbox!

Luminite also has a few years of Hard Scene and is also one of those responsible for Xtra Raw to be on the world scale that it is reaching. His name is already starting to be quite common in the scene so if you get a chance to see him at a festival in the future, don’t skip it!!

Luminite was also responsible for the biggest bangers created in the Xtra Raw scene and we will mention them so you can have a look

The biggest Xtra Raw anthem ever made!
This is just a small preview of what the track really is, but it is definitely the best

Some of the best tracks produced and chosen by fans by the best in history were produced together with his great friend and companion Thyron, who is also one of the names that is talked about a lot in the Hard Scene.

We’re sure Luminite will have more fantastic releases from now on so be sure to follow Gearbox Digital’s Spotify playlist to keep up with the new bangers every week.

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