The Dutch duo, Bassjackers, come back to the releases again and bring with them great names in electronic music and you will not want to miss this!

They are one of the best known pairs in the world of electronic music, we are talking about Bassjackers who have been making a brilliant career, with great moments of great success, with some moments, as is normal, when things are not always at the top, however it has been a stable path, with performances in the biggest festivals in the world, from Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, Ultra Europe, EDC among many others. And this time they present their track “Run Awaywith Jaxx & Vegas and Futuristic Polar Bears.

This new theme is also a way to show that the bigroom is alive, and very much alive, and that it continues with an incredible vibe. Gradually beginning to rise in pitch, the drop arrives and there is no other solution but to dance. A great production was what could be expected and in fact was made and what a great theme.

This also shows the identity of both, mainly Bassjackers who have had their greatest success on tracks like “Derp“, “Memories” or “On the Floor like“. Jaxx & Vega has been known for their remixes of the most varied songs, and lately with great productions made. Futuristic Polar Bears are already beginning to be successful under the Revealed umbrella, which served as a launching pad for them and since then success has always been rising. This is a theme launched through “Smash The House”.

Listen below the new track of Bassjackers, Jaxx & Vega and Futuristic Polar Bears:

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