Around lunchtime, Q-dance decided to give us this “dessert” for the table with the magnificent track “Above It All“, the promised collaboration happened and here it is.

A unique melody by Adaro with a light touch of Endymion makes this track start in the best way, the vocals are also very well matched to the feeling that the track wants to convey outward. The kicks are really nice because being Raw producers, the kick is not as aggressive as many say it is, it is well balanced and suited to accompany the melody and vibe that the track presents.

The end result justifies the fact that the track came out on Q-dance Records, we know that this track will definitely stay in history because only bangers come out of there.

Adaro and Endymion already have some good years in Hard Dance and with quality releases that are always good candidates for top 5 of the year. Adaro has even been in our Portuguese territory with an unforgettable night, click here to find out more. Adaro has been doing really well for the scene, he never lets the spirit of “Hunter of the Dark” die because whether as “Adaro” or “Gunz for Hire” he always has an immense quality and will continue for many years to come, we hope, to bring us great tracks, not to mention that it is by far the most humble and approachable DJ’s we have in the scene.

Endymion also have a very funny and long story in the Hard Dance scene, starting to produce Hardcore back in the early 2000’s until opening their own label and focusing on Hardstyle. Their tracks are also produced with an extreme quality and this reflects on how much their tracks are played, with one of the most played being their exception rework of Yellow Claw’s Legends, it was indeed a great achievement for the artists.

The work of these legends is far from finished and we will still have many other tracks on the way to make the day more joyful.

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