Zatox, one of the legends of the Hardstyle scene, has a new release out, focused on what it was all about back in the days – Bass & Acid!

The track begins with a faded out percussion section that slowly rises in intensity, aided by a well known vocal sample and acid elements. We’re treated, as expected, to a mid intro with a very deep, punchy kick with a nice round bass down below. The break features prominently late 90’s/early rave background elements, with a strong male vocal helping you get in the mood for this bass & acid masterpiece! During the build up we’re treated to immense acid effects and a percussion ramping everything up. There’s a “fake drop” styled climax, with the best this track has to offer joining together right after – the deep kick, the acid elements, and the hi-hats up high! A gorgeous combination and an amazing recipe that’s repeated on the second part of the track

Great effort from Zatox, something rather unexpected as he doesn’t throwback to the old style too often. However, being in the scene for all these years, he’s certainly one of the artists that can bring this old school vibe to the new era… and he clearly did it very well with this release, one that suits my personal tastes perfectly, and that I hope you’ll enjoy as well!

Another interesting fact to point out is that this seems to have been released under a new label, Caput Mundi (old school Zatox fans will remember his EP with this same name), under the United Records umbrella… Will this new sub-label house old-school inspired tracks from now on? Only time will tell…

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